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Online/Virtual Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy (Naturopathic Medicine) is a primary health care system using the techniques of prevalent medical science in combination with natural medicine. When the body projects symptoms of illness or disease, it’s a warning sign that it is not functioning properly.

Online/Virtual Naturopathic Medicine

Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapists are skilled healthcare professionals that specialize in providing care for orthopedic injuries (injuries to muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, etc.), whether acute or chronic. Athletic Therapists are experts at injury assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention.

Online/Virtual Naturopathic Medicine

Nutrition Counselling

Includes an assessment of your health history, supplements, daily habits, nutrition concerns, and food journal record. We will create an online action plan to support the achievement of your nutrition goals and needs.

Online/Virtual Naturopathic Medicine

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is a unique mentorship experience with a wellness expert, who guides, motivates, and strategizes with you to achieve better overall health and your wellness goal.

Online/Virtual Naturopathic Medicine

Traditional Chinese

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is a deeply integrated part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for thousands of years and is considered fundamental therapy for many acute and chronic conditions.

Online/Virtual Naturopathic Medicine

Life Coaching

Life coaching allows you to connect with a professional to help you achieve a personal life goal. A life coach analyzes the potential challenges and obstacles you might face in your path and gives you a personalized mentorship on how to overcome these obstacles in the most efficient way

Online/Virtual Counselling


Counselling includes the assessment, evaluation, and treatment of behavioural, cognitive, social, mental, or emotional issues, problems or disorders, and the use of principles, and treatment methods to help clients as individuals, couples or families to understand, cope with and resolve their situation.

Online/Virtual Naturopathic Medicine


Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It encompasses the biological influences, social pressures, and environmental factors that affect how people think, act, and feel.

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